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We make wooden decorative linings for businesses and residential premises out of materials harmonised with the rest of the equipment in the facility. They are wonderful decorations, and at the same time, provide protection for the walls.

Acoustic linings with medium or maximum acoustic complexity for the needs of sport, concert and meeting halls, cinema halls, recording studios, lecture rooms, classrooms, and so on. We use diverse materials and colours for the final treatment of the linings in the same way as for doors or other equipment.

Perforation, a key element of acoustic linings, is carried out in two ways:
1. with parallel grooves, behind which there is an absorptive material (the level of absorption is determined by the raster and width of grooves, defined for individual spaces together with an expert for acoustics). 2. with a bore in a specific raster where the diameter and distance between bores determine the level of absorption.

Façade linings can be made of massive wood of diverse tree species. They can be left untreated – raw - or are treated with coatings which protect wood from discolouration and decay. Lately, more and more façades are coated with waterproof laminate coatings.