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Residential furnishings
At Kampo, we make indoor furniture for reception offices, secretary's offices, meeting rooms, shops and business premises, saloons, etc.
Today, business premises represent the place where we spend most of our days, and it is for this reason that their recognisability, functional and rational design and, what is most important, their ability to serve as a pleasant environment for the employees, are crucial.

All of the above is a priority for us at Kampo, as any design and fabrication of furnishings for business premises always starts with an open dialogue between the customer and the provider of service. Every company has its own way of executing work tasks and communicating, which is an important aspect we try to consider when providing fittings to business premises. The recognisability of each customer can already be excellently demonstrated through office furnishings, as it happens often that we include certain specific elements of their company products into their design.

When co-operating with our customers, we formulate an ideal concept for their business premises, a design sketch, 3D outlines, as well as a suggestion with regard to the choice of materials. The production of furnishings is always performed within the shortest possible time, irrespective of which price range (basic, medium or high) the products belong to. Our furnishings are also accompanied by chairs, sofa sets, kitchenettes and wardrobe racks.