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»wooden inner doors with furrow in wood jamb
»wooden inner doors with furrow in metal jamb
»fireproof wooden inner doors with wood jamb KAMPO EI30
»fireproof wooden inner doors with metal jamb KAMPO EI30S
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Fireproof doors

Fireproof doors Kampo EI30 are intended for installation at the fire sector borders. They are a result of years of development, to which we have dedicated ourselves at the company Kampo. We wanted to assure the making of wood fireproof doors out of serial dimensions, and a fireproof door with a side glaze for more demanding customers. The door wing and jamb of fireproof doors KAMPO EI30 are wooden, but the final lining of the wing and of the jamb can be treated with different plywood, laminates or full colours, and can be harmonised with the rest of the equipment or other inner doors which do not demand fireproofing.